Sakura and the Pin that Dropped

There comes a time in every young woman's life when the clue-by-four has to smack her upside the head. Like water traveling from the tiny mountain stream unto the ocean it was inevitable.

Today was Sakura Kinomoto's turn.

"Tomoyo-chan!" It was a fact of life that Sakura was excitable. Earth-shattering powers dropped into a ten-year old's lap tended to warp any child. Even a child gifted with such phelgmatic parents as Fujitaki and Nadeshiko Kinomoto would tend to be little odd after the whole Clow to Sakura Cards brouhaha. Today, though she could be forgiven for panicking as she eyed her best friend's hand between her legs. "What are you doing?"

"Well, Sakura-chan, I believe I'm feeling you up." Nothing could explain Tomoyo Daidouji. She was like UFOs, Elvis sightings and the popularity of Vegimite in certain countries. Tomoyo was something that just happened.

"Why?" It was impressive that one simple word could be drawn out into four syllables.

"Because, Sakura, nothing else seems to have gotten through to you." Tomoyo's left hand joined the party on Sakura's thigh. "You don't seem to realize that I worship the ground you walk on. I bring you lunch everyday. I give you massages after cheerleading practice, but you never think anything of it. I decided to be direct today. I don't want to be your friend, I want to be your lover."

Sakura, the girl who's mantra of 'everything will be all right' made her stand firm in the face of pissed-off Clow Cards broke and ran from the family kitchen. She almost slipped and fell on her ass as she took the turn from the kitchen into the living room. Soft soled slippers and wood floors were a bad combination when moving at a dead run.

"Onii-chan!" It was testiment to her panic that Sakura not only ran for her older brother, but that she also threw a -chan onto her wail.

"What?" Touya bothered to deattach his lips from Yukito's neck, but he didn't bother to move his hands from under the other man's sweater. Nothing too serious could be happening. Both of Sakura's Guardians were within 20 feet of her, and if they the situation required them to transform... Well, wings were a hell of an erogenous zone.

"Tomoyo-chan just felt me up in the kitchen!" The proverbial pin dropped. Kero-chan even stopped eating.

"Well, finally!" Only Yukito could say something like that without sounding like a pervert.

"I guess she finally did explode from the pressure!" Kero-chan did sound like a pervert when he said that. What did you expect from a tomcat?

Sakura did a lovely fish impression. You could partically see the gills trying to suck in the water. Big swimmy eyes turned to her semi-beloved older brother and begged him to give her back her old world.

"I like her better then the Brat." Obviously, Touya had never gotten over his issues with Li. He went back to snuggling into the crook of Yukito's neck.

"Sakura-chan, why don't you go up to your room and talk everything out with her?" Yue might be a repressed and unyielding being, but Yukito was more sensible and in-touch with his feelings then any man should be.

"Good idea, Sakura!" Sakura's excitable streak got to her again, and her feet left the floor when she jumped from the shock. Tomoyo's grin got even wider, because everything Sakura did was cute. "Let's go up to your room!"

"Nii-chan!" The honorific o- dropped and a -chan, Sakura definitely didn't want to leave her nice safe little world.

"I like her much better then the brat."

Those were the final words on the matter.

NOTES: Humor's hard. Humor's really hard. CC sparked the idea, so I had her name it. It's OOC, it's silly, and it has no redeeming value. I'm rather fond of it.